Hello and welcome to The Baby Medic, a unique blog for you to explore. I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts on medical school with you guys. 


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Area of Expertise!

How to prepare and ace your medical school interviews including MMI’s

The UCAT has recently had a name change, but the content is the exact same. I have complied all my knowledge on the UCAT to give you tips on how to ACE it. 

My Top Tip for UCAT: 

– Use Medify for your preparation 

Medify is the best resource for the UCAT preparation in my opinion. 

Read all about my university experiences and beyond under my blog

I started my Journey at Lincoln Medical School in September 2019. My goal is to share my experiences with you guys! But let’s keep it fun and throw in some real life stuff too!

How to find and secure work experience at GP’s, hospitals, care homes and more. Read: How to secure work experience (with email templates) here.  

 After you find the work experience you’ll need to benefit from them. Learn about what to bring and what to do on them to maximise your experience.

Becoming a medic

Guide to how to get into medical school in the UK coming from a successful medical applicant. 

The Baby Medic- Life of a medical student

being a medic

Posts about my everyday life at medical school. A relatable medical student on her journey through medical school.