It’s a life + blog update! Because quite frankly it is long overdue.

Over the past few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my lockdown project (which sprouted out this blog)! I’ve really been focusing on the journey of the blog so far. And of course, since time always ticks on, I’ve been planning for its future as well!

From the moment I started The Baby Medic, I aimed for all of the posts to be as helpful as possible. And as close to perfection as I could get them. Which on reflection, has been somewhat a limitation. Trying to make everything a picture of perfection isn’t easy.

Sometime last year, my mum came up with a new philosophy around the idea of being a perfectionist. In that, she has been trying to convince me and my brothers that if you always try to be a perfectionist you simply won’t get anything done.  

And I’ve been hearing this on so many levels recently. I won’t go as far as claiming I’m a perfectionist, but sometimes I do swing that way.  

I’ve always strived for perfection on my blog, which in reality has resulted in so many posts being left behind in the archives. But new year, new me, right? With that very saying in mind, my hope for 2021 is to lift these restrictions and barriers. Going forward I want to become more free-spirited and push out so much more content instead of all the palaver I just mention! 

Consistency is a word shouted from the rooftops by virtually all top content creators.

Whenever I watch youtube videos, I find the word ‘consistency‘ is one of, if not the biggest out there when it comes to growth. Yet…I have found that despite this, I still haven’t been as consistent with my blog!

Why you may ask? Well, probably a combination of reasons. HOWEVER, in light of all of this, I have been playing around with the idea of setting up a blog schedule. With at least one post every week. 

At medical school right now I’m studying neuroanatomy. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and energy to study the brain. And if I’m being honest, trying to keep afloat with the workload feels like an extreme sport at times. This is where the blog comes in. I find it so therapeutic to sit down and work on my posts giving me an extra reason to be consistent!

I’ll take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already. This will ensure that you don’t miss a post you might be interested in!  


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A reminder of what the Baby Medic posts are all about.

My real goal when I set up the blog was to help aspiring medical students on their journeys to medical school (and other university courses in general, all of you guys are welcome too 😉 .)

And that has really been my focus and what I’ll continue to write about + more!

Interviews, UCAT, and my own experiences with getting into medical school to name a few are some of the topics I’ve been diving into. Check out my get into medicine series here.

My recent encounters with aspiring medics which started back in November 2020 have really reaffirmed my motivations and inspirations. 

In the last few months, I’ve had some amazing opportunities, helping students across the UK with their interview preparations. This has involved me facilitating mock MMIs over Zoom (due to the current pandemic) with The Medic Dojo. Definitely go check them out if you are an aspiring medic. 

Additionally, I have been helping out with my uni’s medical school interview process and I have learned so much! What was great about these experiences is that they helped me reconfirm my love for helping and mentoring others.

New directions and fun content

As part of my reflections, I have decided that I really want to share more aspects of my daily life with you guys. Putting out lots more (fun) content, here on the blog! More informal, chit-chatty posts, a bit like this life update🤪.  

What do you guys think about ‘Days in the life’, ‘What I have been learning from my experiences of medical school”, ‘Trending topics in medicine’, etc.? 

I guess… the world is my oyster! I have so many ideas and really want to start chucking them out there.

Nowadays people live and breathe social media. But for me? I’m more on the reserved side. 

I have a couple of friends who have really been on my case about my social media posting or lack thereof should I say. As I’ve gotten older, I have become more to myself and most definitely more private when it comes to social media.

Living in today’s society, this can be self-limiting or self-preservation, or a bit of both. Social media is the new modern way of networking and can bring loads of great benefits. On the flip side, it can the root of comparison and poor mental health.

Well, that just a thought of mine, perhaps for another day!

My recent obsession has been Tik Tok. 

For the first few months of the app surfacing, I thought it was another silly app. It really reminded me of Vines from back in the day. But, if you are also on Tik Tok, you know just how addictive it is, because of how fun it is!

Every now and again, my flatmate and I find ourselves recording some of our own. Although they are all yet to be made public, who knows maybe one day I’ll become a Tik Toker like Charlie D’melio.

Share share share! 

That’s about it for this life update. If you are interested in all of the above this and you know anyone- family, or friends that will be interested please share this post and follow me on Instagram for more of my daily life @thebabymedicblog.  

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