The Baby Medic

Well hey! I’m Grace, the face behind the Baby medic, a uni and medic style blog. I’m a second-year medical student on my way to becoming a fully qualified doctor in 2024. I started my course in September 2019 and began preparing years before.

I started this blog back in 2020 because I really wanted to share my experiences on getting into medicine in order to hopefully help some aspiring medics out there. My hope was to also, almost create diary entries that my fellow medics can relate to and give a few tips and tricks that I have along the way.

My entry into medicine was straight in from A levels but it was still slightly unconventional since I got in through clearing. Read more about it on my blog and read my post on my entry to medicine.

My time at university has been interesting thus far. Being a part of the first-year group ever at the brand new medical school Lincoln Medical School has made my university experience even more unique. 

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