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About the Baby Medic

Hey, I'm the baby Medic

The Baby Medic Blog is a blog about just that, a baby medic, a medical student on her journey to becoming a fully qualified doctor. I started my course in September 2019 and began preparing years before. Attending one of the brand new medical schools- Lincoln Medical School has been great so far…

I started this blog because I felt compelled to share my experiences on getting into medicine in order to hopefully help some aspiring medics out there. My hope was to also, almost create diary entries that my fellow medics can relate to and give a few tips and tricks that I have along the way.

Read my story on my entry to medicine here.

Fun facts about me

19 years old 

Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Power

I would definitely recommend watching Grey’s Anatomy if you’re looking to peak your interest in medicine. But please always remember it is not an accurate depiction of life of a doctor.

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I was born in the UK and my last visit to Nigeria was in 2008, hoping to go again soon 

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Medicine Entry Process

My entry into medicine was straight in from A levels but it was still slightly unconventional since I got in through clearing. Read more about it on my blog and read my post on my entry to medicine.

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University Experience

My time at university has been interesting thus far. Starting at Lincoln Medical School in September 2019, I have learnt a lot and had many amazing experiences.  Read more about it on my blog.

Services for all aspiring students

Helping aspiring medics get into medicine

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