Preparing for the UCAT can definitely be daunting, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you are currently preparing and on the lookout for a new resource to help you, this post is for you. Ace the UCAT e-book is a 35-page course that is designed to be used alongside Medify. The creator of the Ace the UCAT course e-book is a medical student who scored an astounding 835 average and a band 1 in the Situational Judgement Test. Putting them in the 99th percentile. In other words, they scored higher than 99% of people who sat the UCAT that year! Which is just amazing if you ask me.

The e-book is a guide to help you in your UCAT prep. It includes breakdowns of each section of the UCAT and gives you a method to use. You can use these methods in your Medify practises, see if it’s working for you, adapt it (if need be) and then ace your UCAT.

Ace The UCAT e-book statistics

In regard to Medify, (which I love) since it really helped me out with my preparation. I would recommend that all students invest in Medify. It has a large question bank that really resembles the level of difficulty in the real exam. People often ask what the best resource is to use for UCAT preparation. Which is a good question but think about it like this: since the UCAT is online using an online platform is usually the most beneficial. Just to mention I am not endorsed by Medify in any way. The creator the ACE the UCAT e-book has approached me to write this review. All my opinions are my own and I will be giving my honest review.


What’s included?

The e-book includes details on how to manage your time in the test, how to approach revision and of course section breakdowns. Section breakdowns are particularly good in my opinion. If you are struggling with an area or two, you can adopt the Ace the UCAT method to help you tackle whatever it is.

The course e-book has been updated for 2020 use and takes the current COVID-19 pandemic into consideration. Giving you a bit of advice based on if you are taking an at-home or test centre UCAT exam.

I like the fact that the e-book allows you to work through at your own pace. At any point in your preparation, you can refer to the e-book for support. Another good feature about the e-book is that it gives tips for both UK sittings and Australia or New Zealand sittings. There are some slight differences here and there which I didn’t know until I read the e-book.

One thing I would say is that a lot of the information in most courses are usually available in other places as well. So, if you prefer you can search the internet for some tips and tricks for the UCAT. However, the Ace the UCAT e-book is bringing it all together into one document so you don’t have to go through loads of different resources to piece tips and tricks together.

Is it worth it?

Will it make or break your UCAT score? It may or may not. It is a guide to help you in your preparation so depending on how you use it and adopt the methods I think it is a useful resource. Many students have used it and have left positive reviews. It’s always good to do your own research like you are doing now reading this post. Additionally, I believe that if you don’t want to leave any stone uncovered you should invest in it. Because, if you don’t you maybe be wondering but what if I did purchase an extra course, would that have made me do better?


The Ace the UCAT course e-book is £14.99 which I would say if you are willing to spend the extra cash isn’t actually a lot of money. Especially since some of the in-person courses offered by companies can be overpriced.


Fortunately, Ace the UCAT e-book course is still accessible to people who can’t necessarily afford it on their own. They offer unlimited full bursaries to anyone who has ever received a free school meal, another bursary or universal credit. This gives you a free ride to receive the e-book at no cost and reap all the benefits.

Where to purchase?

The e-book can be found at

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