If your heart is set on medicine but you have missed your grades on results day, things aren’t over yet. I know it feels like the chances of you finding a Medical school in clearing is near enough impossible. A bit like spotting a unicorn. I definitely use to have this exact mindset, but I’m here to tell you it isn’t always the case. There are some gems out there in clearing. Every now and again medical schools find themselves in a situation where they have spaces to fill on results day. So, they enter clearing. Basically working in your favour if you have unfortunately missed your offer. Here are my tips for clearing for medicine or any other course you have in mind:

1. Prepare all the materials on the list down below

Save yourself time and headache by doing this step. It’s important to get prepared so your clearing process can go as seamlessly as possible.

2. Call your firm and insurance choices

On results day, start by calling your firm and insurance universities. They may have the space to take you even if you’ve missed your offer. Explain to them your situation and ask them what your options are. For example, one option could be to reserve your space for next year. Meaning you get a straight offer as long as you resit your A levels next summer and meet your offer. This is exactly what happened to me- Hull York said I wouldn’t have to resit the UCAT or attend an interview. All there was for me to do was to resit, read my experience here!

3. Do your research

Search up Universities in Clearing for Medicine for the year that you are applying before results day. Good places to look are on the various university websites, university Twitter accounts, or student chatrooms such as The Student Room.

4. Write a list of Universities to call in advance

Having a list on a piece of paper or your phone in advance will surely save you some time.

Which Universities have previously offered Medicine Clearing?

Some of the universities that have previously been in clearing have included:

So, you may want to put them on the list just in case they go into clearing again this year. Another tip is to call every medical school out there, even if they haven’t announced they are in clearing for medicine. Just try your luck, you never know what might happen.

5. Target the easy medical schools

New medical schools have been a good target in the last 2 years as clearing options. This could be apart of teething issues of being new or a pure coincidence. Either way, they will be a good choice to call on Results day. New medical schools in the UK include Edge Hill, Kent, Lincoln Medical School, Anglia Ruskin, so put these on the list.

6. Keep a checklist of who you have called

It’s important to keep track of your progress so you don’t waste time calling a university twice. Write down who you’ve called, who you need to call back/who is calling you back. Things can get a bit hectic so try and stay organised by jotting everything down!

7. Interview Prep!

You may have to do an interview a few days after A level results day so prepare for this too! There is little to no wiggle room for choosing a date/time for an interview. In other words, be ready to cancel anything you have going on just in case. If clearing interviews do happen this year, chances are that they’ll be online due to Covid-19.

Medical School Clearing Checklist

You will need, the following things ready for A level results day:

  • List of universities to call
  • A phone to call universities: The more phones the better, if you can get your family members to help you, great! The clearing hotlines often put you in queues so your phone line may be held up.
  • A pen and paper
  • Laptop/computer if you have one: this will be for research. Keep up to date with which universities have gone into clearing for medicine or any alternative course throughout the day.
  • UCAS Personal ID: This is usually the first thing they ask for on the clearing hotlines.
  • A level Grades (and GCSE’s)
  • UCAT Score (if you can get your piece of paper with your results this will be ideal to have on hand)

Good Luck, I’m rooting for you!!!

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