Are you 6 cups of coffee in and still lacking the motivation to study? We’ve all been there. Read this post to find how to get motivated to study with my easy tips. 

It feels like you have tried absolutely everything to get motivated – yet you still find yourself stuck in the same frustrating rut. 

First of all, it is important to note and recognise that your motivation will fluctuate and it’s okay to embrace this. Some days you are going to be prepped and ready to go and other times you’re just not (which is obviously why you are reading this post)! I can guarantee, that no student on this planet can confidently say that they are motivated to study 24/7. 

But, if you are sick and tired of lack of motivation and not achieving your study goal. Keep on reading to learn how to take back control of your study motivation! 

How to get motivated to study?

1. Tidy up your study space

If your study space is a mess you can count your whole study session over before it’s already started! You definitely don’t want that. 

In my opinion, disorganised area= disorganised thoughts.  

Take a glance over at your study space right now. What does it look like? Messy? disorganised? If you’re dreading the thought of going over and sitting down at your desk, it is probably a good indication that it’s time for a tidy up.

Cleaning is also a great way to release endorphins and adrenaline to get you hyped up and ready for a productive study session. Plus, that isa whole chore knocked off your list whilst learning how to get motivated to study! 

2. Know you don’t want to fail. 

Let’s face reality. What is going to happen if you don’t study? Now consider what will happen if you do. 

You may not necessarily fail your exam but you most likely won’t do as well could have done if you revised. 

Studying breathes results (as long as you are using effective study methods). Just think, if you spent some extra revising and learned a few more things, which come up in your test, wouldn’t that bump up your grade? And who doesn’t want to get higher marks on their tests?

Use the fact that you want to get the best result as a motivator. At the same time, make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself and ensure you set attainable goals. 

 3. Change your location 

Switch it up.

A change of scenery could be the breath of fresh air you are waiting for. Physically moving to a different room or even building can give you a significant boost in motivation. If you have a near-by library or a building on campus with workspaces that can go to, do it! 

Enjoy the journey of getting there too! A nice stroll can help to clear your mind and get it ready for your study sesh! 

4. Use the 5-minute rule 

Ever heard of the 5-minute rule? Well, don’t worry it is really simple and easy to apply. All you need to do is tell yourself you are just going to do 5 minutes of studying. That’s it.  

After the 5 minutes is up, you can stop and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. However, chances are, you are going to get a spark of pleasure from accomplishing that task. Resulting in you establishing a study flow leading you to study for longer! Even if you don’t, so what! 5 minutes is better than 0 minutes, right

And that is the beauty of the method. What was meant to be a 5 minute task could easily turn into 50 minute power study session. All because you tricked your mind into thinking you only had to sacrifice 5 minutes of your time. 

I know this post is about study motivation but the method design is so versatile you can use it for just about any task you are putting off. The 5 minute rule is a great way to overcome procrastination. 

5. Create a study schedule and stick to it. 

Having a study schedule is a long-term technique. Especially when compared to the other tips on this list, which offer more immediate results in motivation boosts. Essentially, study timetables and time blocking is key in having good study hygiene. 

The great thing about study schedules is that they can replace the need to find motivation with just simply following a routine.

If you study every day for 21 days straight it will turn into a habit. Even better, do it for 66 days, straight, and you’ll find that you no longer need to think about the logistics of studying. You just sit down at a certain time of day for a certain amount of time and pump out the revision.

6. Make a study playlist. 

Turning off Netflix or YouTube and switching on your favourite genre of study music is another great way to get motivated to study. Putting on the music you usually listen to when you are studying is a great way to get your mind in the frame of revision. Having a playlist or particular genre will help emulate the same study environment each time you sit down to revise. Some student favourite include opera music, slow jams, smooth jazz and instrumentals. 

7. Set App timers

If I was to take a wild guess as to what you are doing as a form of procrastination from studying, it would be social media. Mindless scrolling on Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. is an aggressive fuel to lack of study motivation. 

So what can you do to combat this? 

There are many apps out there and even on iPhone settings (which I use), that don’t allow you to access certain apps. Either for the time you are studying or after you exceed the time limit you set for that app for the day. 

I use an app called flora, that doesn’t allow you to use your phone whilst you have set a study timer. Or else a message will pop up on your screen, summoning you back to concentration. 

Besides, there are many physical and mental health benefits of limiting your screen time as much as possible. 

8. Find yourself a study buddy/study group 

Group study is such a dynamic technique when learning how to get motivated to study. It creates space in your otherwise run-of-the-mill study schedule that you can look forward to. Bouncing ideas off of like-minded people can broaden your knowledge. Other things such as quizzing each other can create some healthy competition and can help you forget that you’re even studying!

9. Find an accountability partner 

Your accountability doesn’t necessarily need to be your study buddy (see tip #4) who is typically physically present while you are studying. Your accountability partner can literally be anyone! 

From family members to complete strangers (but beware, stranger danger is a real thing).

Here are some examples of accountability partners you can find for yourself:  

1. Family members e.g. having your siblings or parents keep track of how many revision hours you achieved each day.

2. Class/course mates- e.g. setting up a competition in your class group chat for who can study for the most hours this week. You can use apps such as flora to time your study sessions and share them with your community of friends. 

3. Virtual libraries– with Covid-19 restrictions, many libraries are temporarily closed. Which has increased the popularity of virtual libraries. These are apps where you can be live with other students with your camera on or off to help motivate each other. A really great app to get started with this is Discord. 

The list goes on and on. So consider who you have around you that can help you stay motivated. 

10. Think about your end goal

Studying should always have an end goal. There’s really not much point in revision for no particular reason. 

So think, are you trying to get a good grade on your upcoming test. Or maybe you have something more long-term you’re working towards? Like acing your exams so you can get into the university/college of your choice.

Whatever it is, have it clear in your mind. Visualise it, vocalise it and even write it down.

Finally, I hope that you now know how to get motivated to study so much so that you start right now! Thanks for reading, be sure to share with the laziest studier you know. 

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  1. Faith

    I love this and thank God for making pinstrest direct me to you blog
    We have so much in common
    I’m a medical student,Second year also
    And I’m so happy I’ve found someone doing the same thing as me

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