It is no doubt that YouTube has become a platform to learn, be entertained, and fill your spare time. And speaking from experience, it has unlocked new levels of binge-watching behaviour for me and I’m sure also amongst millions of other people. 

As a medical student, one type of Youtube channel that I always find myself watching is medical-related ones. Following the lives of my fellow medical students as well as doctors (especially junior doctors) is most definitely what I love to fill my time with.

If you are looking for new medical Youtube channels to be inspired by and binge-watch their entire channel worth content in a day or two, keep on reading. 

1. Ali Abdaal | 1.44m subscribers

If you are in the medical field or aspiring to enter it, you surely by now have heard of Ali Abdaal! 

Ali Abdaal has been taking the YouTube world by storm and is ever-growing with well over a million subscribers, from all over the world! 

I first started watching Ali’s channel back when I was applying for medicine and it was a huge, HUGE help! One video I vividly remember watching was one giving all the details about the Charlie Guard case. And it was a good thing I did! In one of my medical school interview answers, I sprinkled in some specks of the knowledge I learnt from that very video.

The content on Ali Abdaal’s channel is second to none. Videos range from vlogs about the life of a junior doctor, to studying + productivity tips, to even tech reviews. Not to mention if you go to most of his earlier content, you will find a boatload of extremely helpful videos on getting into medicine.

Ali Abdaal Youtube Channel. Dr in the UK, Medical Youtube channel.

2. Faye Bate | 58.2k subscribers

Faye’s channel is nothing short of what the real life of a UK medical student is like. A few words I would use to describe her channels are: entertaining and authentic. Her content is soooo relatable, even to the point I find myself procrastinating while watching her vlogs of her procrastinating from medicine also. 

I genuinely enjoy watching her videos and I am loving witnessing her channel grow at the rapid rate it is. 

From reaching 20,000 subscribers back in November to now having almost triple is crazy. If anything, her rising subscriber count is just a testament to how good her channel is! 

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Faye Bate Youtube channel. UK Medical student

3. Persian Bunny | 45.1k subscribers

This channel is run by the lovely Sepii and not only is this a medic-related channel but also an all round lifestyle one!

Sepii is a Junior doctor working through her rotations in London. As well as medicine, Sepii has a huge passion for fashion. I personally love watching Zara hauls, so having this alongside medical-related content is amazing for me. 

I find that family life in vlogs always makes a Youtuber so much more relatable. I’m not sure why this is exactly. But luckily for us, the Persian Bunny doesn’t fall short! Her vlogs include her lovely family as well! 

On the same topic of family, another interesting part of Sepii’s life is that she recently opened a cosmetic clinic on the infamous Harley Street with her sister, Dr. Sol who also has a YouTube channel. 

Persian Bunny Youtube Channel. Medical Youtube Channel, Dr Sepii

4. Dr. Alex George | 97.6K Subscribers

Did someone say Love island? Yes! Dr. Alex is one of Love Island’s very own 2018 islander. He took his on-screen presence back to the A&E department after his success on the show to continue his passion for saving lives.

But he didn’t leave the screen all behind. Dr Alex continued as a TV personality doctor and set up his Youtube channel back last year. 

Dr. Alex vlogs his life as a doctor, currently working on the frontline and gives so many useful Covid-19 updates/insights. I love how informative this channel is, as well as how raw cut Dr. Alex keeps his channel. 

Other things Dr Alex features on his channel includes his passion for sports cars and appearances from his fellow Love islanders.

In more recent news, Dr. Alex George was appointed as the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador within the Department for Education. Over on his YouTube channel, you can watch his video where he sat down with Prime minister Boris Johnson to discuss the mental health crisis. 

Dr Alex George Youtube Channel
UK Mental Health Ambassador

5. The Junior Doctor | 16.9K subs 

If you’re looking more into the life of a doctor this channel is for you. Follow the life of Ezgi, working through her rotations as a junior doctor in the UK. 

Ezgi recently gave birth to such a gorgeous baby girl and shows how life has changed as an NHS doctor on maternity leave. Including videos on practical ways to stay up to date and in the flow of medicine for women on maternity in healthcare.

The Junior Doctor YouTube channel. Medical doctor on maternity leave in the UK

6. That Medic | 27.3k Subscribers

Mohammad aka That Medic is a junior doctor working in his home city of London. From watching his graduation day where he received his degrees from King’s College London to his first solo surgery just a couple of months ago, it is safe to say his career progression has already been great to watch. 

As you will see from the theme of this list, we love informative but entertaining channels. That Medic’s YouTube channel definitely fits the bill with juicy content. Including the hot topic of how much doctors get paid and how they can earn even more! 

Vlogs are an amazing way to get a visual insight into what a doctor’s life is like. Both in and out of the hospital/clinic. A snippet of this wonderful life is: along with the rest of the UK at the end of December 2020, Mohammad travelled to Dubai and showed all of us back home how amazing it is. 

Overall, this is a great channel to have under your subscription list!

That Medic Youtube Channel, UK junior doctor

7. Dr. Jude | 19.4k subscribers

Dr Jude is a breath of fresh air in the medical YouTube community.

What really drew me into this channel was Dr. Jude’s year abroad in Canada. In 2019/20 he underwent a surgical fellowship in Toronto and took us along! It is really fascinating to see UK doctors taking different routes in their careers. 

I find Dr Jude’s channel inspiring and the visuals he captures are very aesthetically pleasing, if that your kind of thing :).  

Dr Jude Medical Youtube channel

8. Journey2Med | 12.9k subscribers 

Journey2med is the only duo on this list. The duo is formed of Hazal and Lydie who are two friends in their 2nd year of studying medicine. Their channel includes content such as ‘a busy week in the life of a medical student’, ‘assumptions on medical school’, ‘how to use Notability’, and more!

For aspiring medics, they have some amazing videos about getting into medical school in the UK, including UCAT and A level tips. If you’re a current medical student or an aspiring one, I really recommend this channel. 

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Journey2Med UK Medical student Youtube channel

9. Kenji Tomita | 34.4K subscribers

Kenji is a 4th-year medical student at King’s College London. An interesting part of Kenji’s medical journey is that he entered medical school already having a degree, his first degree being in Biomedical science. This is a pretty common degree held by graduate entry medical students, so I can imagine this channel is very relatable if you are a GEM student.  

His videos are geared around tips on how to navigate through medical school.

Incredible videos on Anki flashcard tutorials were the main videos that brought me to his channel. I was especially on the hunt for a UK-based medical student YouTuber who used Anki because I found the majority of videos out there on Anki were US-based!

Vlogs! Who doesn’t love vlogs, especially when you’re just as curious as I am about what other people get up to on their placements and daily lives in general!

Kenji Tomita Medical Youtube channel

10. Dr P. Baptise | 1.32k subscribers  

Dr. Baptise is a UK-based doctor who speaks about life as a GP, gives career tips, and even helps medical students and aspiring ones on their journeys to becoming doctors.

I love her videos because they are always so informative and you can tell how much effort she puts into her YouTube videos whilst you are watching 

Dr P. Baptise Medical Youtube channel. UK Doctor

Happy YouTubing!  

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