Productive morning routine for students that will have you prepped and ready for the day.

If you are not a morning person, mornings are the worst things ever! Getting up in the morning can feel like the biggest chore you will ever have to do. We’ve all been there. Snoozing the alarm an embarrassing amount of times before you finally drag yourself out of bed to face the day ahead. 

But your mornings don’t have to be like that. And you don’t need to be an early bird to achieve a beautiful, stress-free morning. You will find your morning rhythm with this simple morning routine, so keep on reading. 

Why are mornings so important? 

 Mornings are the first part of the day for most people which is why it is crucial that you start it off right. Productive mornings can make you feel more accomplished and give you a clear mind. 

It is so common for students to wake up at 12 pm and even start their days much later! Just think about all that time that they were asleep and what they could have been doing instead. If you wake up at 8 am, you already have 4 hours ahead of some of your late riser counterparts. By noon, if you put your mind to it and use this strategic morning routine you will be able to push out so much work, that you’d even surprise yourself. 

Mornings can be really fun and relaxing if you let it. Let’s learn how to ensure you have the best morning routine possible.

The night before:

1. When setting your alarm, make sure you use an alarm that won’t startle you. Speaking from experience, the default iPhone alarm use to be the sole factor that had the potential to ruin my whole day. So opt for a sound that is gentle so you will wake up more peacefully. 

A great alternative to the traditional alarm clock is the Lumie Bodyclock Spark. This alarm clock wakes you up gradually by making the room brighter and brighter so your body wakes up more naturally. 

2. Make a to-do list:

Thinking about what you have to do in a day takes up quite a bit of energy. By figuring out your to-do list at night, you reduce the amount of brainpower you’re using up in the morning. It makes you less stressed and more organised. Besides, remembering everything you have to do that day the morning of will probably not be the most effective use of your time. 

3. Go to bed early

The earlier you go to bed the earlier you will wake up and get your day started. Unwind before your set bedtime by putting away all of your screens. Chuck the blue lights emitting gadgets to the side, and you will notice that you will fall asleep much quicker. 

1. Waking up before your lectures start 

Once your alarm rings, don’t press snooze. Instead wake up and start your day! It is important for a productive morning that you wake up with ample time to get ready before your classes begin. 

2. Brush your teeth and take a shower. 

Getting this in straight off the bat is such a good habit to make. The best thing about this step it that you can walk into a shower half asleep and walk out feeling wide awake and so refreshed. 

3. Get dressed. 

Getting dressed is an obvious step but what are you choosing to wear? Your outfit choice will most likely depend on what you have going on that day. Reach for something that will make you feel good. This can be a comfy outfit or more dressy if you are going out. If you are staying indoors don’t use that as an excuse for putting your pyjamas back on!

4. Open your blinds and window. 

Get some fresh air in, hear the birds chirping. Students are often culprits of sitting in dark rooms all day long without going outside. Which causes a dull and gloomy atmosphere in your room. Instead, let in the light and fresh air to instantly brighten up your day.

5. Make your bed. 

This is such a small task but yet so effective. Making your bed every morning will give you a sense of accomplishment before the day has truly begun. You will feel more organised and motivated to tackle the rest of your tasks for the day. 

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6. Exercising and stretching: 

Stretching and exercising don’t need to take up a lot of time in your morning routine, it can as little as 5 minutes or it can be as long as an hour. Whatever you have time for. Even 5 minutes will release a lot of adrenaline and endorphins that will have you pumped up for the day. Exercise is linked with motivation. Which will lead to increased productivity. 

7. Breakfast 

How many times have you heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, there is no smoke without fire. Think about everything you have coming up in the day. Don’t you think having a filling breakfast will make you more efficient throughout the day? Better still, grab a healthy breakfast. As a student, it is so easy to skip breakfast or just reach for a super unhealthy one because they tend to be quicker. I am guilty of both. Unhealthy foods make you feel sluggish. Whereas healthy foods give you energy and make you feel full up. See the difference? 

8. Review what you have to do today. 

Hopefully, you have written your to-do list the night before. Now you just need to go over it again to make sure you know what you have coming up throughout the day! Your schedule will guide you through the day and keep you on task. 

9. Face the day.

Now you have completed your morning routine and you are ready to officially start your day! 

I hope you enjoyed this morning routine! Is there anything in this routine that you already do? Comment down below. 

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