Hi everyone! This post is all about lockdown revision. Yep, that time of year has made a swift return, and it seems like I can never shake it LOL. GCSE’s, A levels, Uni – well exams are just part of the package of education. This is also actually my first time writing about my life as a medical student and, I definitely did not expect to be in lockdown whilst doing it. And long story short, my revision has been flipped on its head. But that’s life, and I’d thought I would still write about my current lockdown revision experiences because many of you guys are going through the same! It’s easy to be discouraged and unmotivated at the moment, but it is going to be worth it.

Two weeks ago, I had my last lecture of the year online on a web conferencing platform called Blackboard Collaborate and it was bittersweet. The thought of it taking me one step closer to the end of first year was great. But to be honest, it was kind of disappointing that we weren’t able to do it in person. Especially because it was an abrupt transition (all my stuff is still in my uni accommodation, sigh). On the bright side, I am very thankful for the power of the internet. I can only imagine what life would have been like if this were happening say 20-30 years ago.

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My medical school have decided to whittle down 3 online exams and 1 Objective Structured Practical Exam (OSPE) taken over two days to just 1 online test. Also, they have made the exam open book, which I think was an inevitable decision since the conditions can’t be controlled. My test is on Friday so I’m in the final stages of revision. In my preparation, I have shifted to making sure that my notes are in order and easy to navigate. Revision at home is not the same as at university, it’s so much harder. I miss being able to go to the library; sitting there until all my work is done and heading back to my accommodation feeling accomplished is unbeatable. Home revision is more like me forcing myself to get going, but once I start it’s not so bad.

Unfortunately, my medical school doesn’t have any past papers available for us to use. I’ve always wondered why that is because most other courses do. This isn’t ideal for me as my biggest revision tool during GCSE’s and A level was in fact past papers. I find them so useful for active recall, finding your weaknesses and learning ‘perfect’ answers using mark schemes. So, as you can imagine I am struggling in this aspect, but I can’t really complain too much as the exam is open book haha.

At my university, we do ‘formatives’ and ‘summatives’ and basically, the difference is summative count and formatives don’t. So, think of formatives like practice tests or even mocks if you will. We had a formative at the end of April, and it went much better than I expected. This has made me feel a lot less nervous to go into the summative this week, which is good. I’m hoping they won’t throw a spanner in the works and make the real exam harder. All in all, I am feeling positive about it all!

Needless to say, I am looking forward to the end of the day on friday where I can do everything I want to do now but guilt-free. If you are also a student, how is your lockdown revision going? How are you handling distractions and adjusting to revision back at home? Let me know, I’m intrigued to find out how you guys are holding up during the lockdown and COVID-19 in general. Feel free to leave a comment, or DM me on Instagram (@thebabymedicblog).

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